Chandler Dry Seed Treat 15# Bucket


An enzyme-based seed treatment applied directly to seed at planting or roots when transplanted

The recommended application rate is 4 ounces per unit for corn, soybeans, and most small grains, and you should use 6-8 ounces per acre on alfalfa, legume cover crops, and other smaller seeds. At the 4 ounce rate, each 15 pound bucket contains enough Dry Seed Treat for 60 units of seed. Depending on the planted population, one bucket covers approximately 150 acres of corn or 60 acres of soybeans.

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Volume discounts --- pay $136 per bucket on orders for 2-5 buckets or $132 per bucket on orders for 6 or more buckets. We also offer pallet-lot pricing at $122 per bucket on orders for 48 or more buckets.