Biological seed treatment

Chandler Dry Seed Treat is a biological seed treatment that is applied directly on the seed at planting time. The product contains micronutrients, enzymes, and plant growth hormones and is non-toxic when used as recommended.

Seed Treat enhances seed germination with more uniform emergence, thicker stands and hardier and more vigorous seedlings.  Treated plants are better equipped to resist stress such as frost, drought, transplanting and excess water. The plants also develop a deeper and more extensive root system that allow more water and nutrient uptake throughout the growing season.  By harvest time, Seed Treat produces higher yields with improved crop quality.

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    Dry Seed Treat 8 ounce bottle

    Dry Seed Treat 8 ounce bottle

    Enhance seed germination and early plant growth

    Chandler Dry Seed Treat may be sprinkled on seeds before planting or applied...

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    Chandler Dry Seed Treat 3# Tub

    Chandler Dry Seed Treat 3# Tub

    A talc-based enzyme seed treatment applied directly to seed at planting or roots when transplanted

    The recommended application rate is...

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What is the application rate?

Dry Seed Treat easily adheres to the seed, so you only need to apply enough product to cover the seed coat.  For small containers of garden or flower seeds, you can put a pinch of product in the seed packet and shake. To treat larger quantities of garden or grass seed, you can place the seed in a paper bag with some Dry Seed Treat and shake until all seeds are coated. The recommended application rates for larger areas are provided on our Chandler Dry Seed Treat page for field crops.  You can save any excess Dry Seed Treat in the container for up to four years and use the product at a later time.

How does Dry Seed Treat compare with other biological seed treatments?

Many biological seed treatments on the market are inoculants that contain live microbes or microbe spores.  In most cases, these microbes are limited to one or a few species of beneficial organisms, but an inoculant can be effective if these species are limited in the soil due to excavation or poor management. However, the microbes in the inoculant can be hampered by other treatments on the seed (such as insecticides or fungicides) or variations in soil chemistry.

In most lawn and garden settings, the required microbes are present in native colonies in the soil.  Chandler Dry Seed Treat contains enzymes, micronutrients, and other biological compounds that feed and multiply these native microbes so they can support early root growth.  The product also contains plant growth hormones that regulate early plant development.  These components are chemically stable and are not affected by the presence of other treatments on the seed, so Dry Seed Treat tends to produce more consistent results than other biological treatments.

How do I use Seed Treat as a root dip?

We recommend you mix one tablespoon of Dry Seed Treat per quart of water and soak the plant roots in the solution for 5-10 minutes prior to planting (or longer, if needed).

Can Seed Treat be used on houseplants?

Yes, Seed Treat is ideal for starting seeds or repotting live plants.

For More Information

For more information on Chandler Dry Seed Treat for lawns and gardens, call (309) 659-7773 or e-mail