Decay Lawn Thatch & Compost

Chandler Residue Digester is a non-toxic liquid that multiplies the soil microbes that break down plant residues such as lawn thatch, garden waste, and compost. This natural process of organic decay recycles the nutrients in the residues and returns them to the soil for future use.

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    Residue Digester 8 ounce bottle

    Residue Digester 8 ounce bottle

    Reduce thatch and decompose garden residue

    Chandler Residue Digester may be applied to lawns or gardens with home spraying equipment...

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What are the mixing instructions?

For small applications, you can mix one bottle cap full of product in a quart of water.  In most lawn and garden applications, you can mix two ounces (4 tablespoons) of Residue Digester per gallon of water. This mixture will cover approximately 2,000 square feet when sprayed in broadcast fashion.  When applying the product to larger areas, you can refer to our application rates for Chandler Biocat 1000 on field crops.  Residue Digester may be combined with liquid fertilizers and pesticides, and you should dilute all other products in water before adding Residue Digester.

How do I decay lawn thatch?

We recommend your spray Residue Digester on your lawn any time you see a build-up of thatch or grass clippings.  The residue decay organisms are active whenever there is adequate moisture in the top layer of soil and temperatures range from 38 degrees to about 95 degrees.  If your lawn is too dry or the weather is too cold, you may want to defer treatment until the weather warms or your lawn receives some moisture.  For routine use of Residue Digester, you can spray the lawn in late spring or early summer and repeat the applications as needed throughout the growing season.

How can I break down garden residue?

You should apply Residue Digester in the fall as soon as the garden has finished producing. If you plan to till the soil, we recommend that you till the soil at least two to three days after applying the product. Although light tillage may enhance the product performance, tillage is not required for the product to work.

How can Chandler Residue Digester be used for composting?

You should apply two ounces of Residue Digester in a gallon of water for each 10 cubic feet of compost material. The compost should be treated each time the pile is turned, or more frequently as needed.

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