How can such a small amount of product have an impact?

The main biological components in Biocat 3000 are enzymes, which are catalysts for chemical reactions that are not consumed or altered by the reaction. The enzymes in Biocat 3000 multiply the beneficial microorganisms in the waste holding facility that break down waste solids. Given that the enzymes are not altered as they promote beneficial biological life, the enzymes continue to work for some time after they are added to the manure facility. So, we only need to maintain a small presence of the enzymes in the pit or lagoon to multiply the microbes that decompose animal wastes.

Are there any live bacteria or other cultures in the product?

The enzymes in Biocat 3000 are produced from a bacterial fermentation, but there are no live bacteria or other microbial cultures in Biocat 3000.

Does the product require special storage or handling?

The enzymes in Biocat 3000 will start to break down under extreme temperatures, so make sure the containers are tightly sealed at all times and stored in areas that do not freeze or exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. If Biocat 3000 is stored under these conditions, the product should remain fully effective for at least two years.

Can I store diluted product for a long time?

Once the product is diluted with water, the biological effectiveness of Biocat 3000 may decline after about 48 hours (two days). So, we generally recommend only keeping diluted product on hand for a day or so. To store diluted Biocat 3000, add 1 ounce of copper sulfate per 10 gallons of diluted product to help stabilize the solution and maintain the product effectiveness.

The diluted Biocat 3000 tends to generate some foam. What can I do to prevent foaming?

Biocat 3000 does not always generate foam when diluted.  If you observe some foam in the dilution, you can mix about 1 ounce of an antifoaming agent per 15 gallons of diluted Biocat 3000 to reduce foaming.

After a few months of storage, there is a small layer of sediment or residue in the bottom of my Biocat 3000 container. Is the product still effective?

The ingredients in Biocat 3000 may settle out of solution after some time in storage, and this is the sediment on the bottom of the container. To return these elements to the solution, vigorously shake the jug for several seconds before use. If using Biocat 3000 in 30 gallon drums, tip the drum on edge and shake it, or place the drum on its side and roll it on the ground to agitate the contents. In our warehouse, we use a stir attached to an electric drill to agitate the product in the drums. After the product has been thoroughly agitated, the sediment will return to the solution, and the product will remain fully effective.

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