What is the Biobase Rumen application rate?

The recommended application rate for Biobase Rumen depends on the species, weight and condition of the ruminant animals. The application rates are stated in terms of cubic centimeters (cc’s) and fluid ounces per head per day, and there are 30 cc’s per fluid ounce. The stated feeding costs are based on the single-gallon retail price of $92 per gallon, and your cost will be lower if you buy in larger volumes (cases or drums).

Species and condition Application Rate Cost per day Cost per week
Newborn or recently transported calves (first week) 3 cc per head per day
(0.10 ounces)
$0.072 $0.50
Calves (up to 7 weeks after arrival) 1.5 cc per head per day
(0.05 ounces)
$0.036 $0.25
Calves (7 weeks to 400 pounds) 2 cc per head per day
(0.067 ounces)
$0.048 $0.35
Cattle and calves over 400 pounds 3-4 cc per head per day
(0.10 to 0.13 ounces)
$0.072 to $0.096 $0.50 to $0.67
Sheep and goats (entire feeding period) 1 cc per head per day
(0.033 ounces)
$0.024 $0.17
Sick or stressed animals 6-8 cc per head per day
(0.20 to 0.27 ounces)
$0.024 $0.14 to $0.19

To convert these metric volume measures to English volume measures, please note that 1 liquid ounce equals 30 cc.

For More Information

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