Chandler Biobase Rumen

Enzyme feed additive for cattle and other ruminants

For increased rate of gain and feeding efficiency, feed cattle, sheep and other ruminants Biobase Rumen. With Biobase Rumen, animals go on feed faster and are more content. Producers see an increased rate of gain with shorter times on feed and higher dressing percentages with less excess fat and better carcass quality scores.


What are the other product benefits?

  • Finished pens of animals are more uniform
  • Dairy cows have higher milk output, improved butterfat and protein content, and lower somatic cell counts
  • Dairy cows are gentler and more content at milking time and have a reduced freshening interval
  • Animals require less medication and respond better to health treatments if required
  • Breeding stock experience higher first-time conception rates
  • Animals’ digestion is improved for less manure and odor

How does Biobase Rumen work?

Biobase Rumen is a liquid feed additive that contains enzymes and other natural compounds designed to multiply the beneficial bacteria, protozoa and other microbes in the rumen. Chandler Biobase Rumen enhances the digestion of feed and improves the absorption of nutrients, which increases daily rate of gain and feeding efficiency in beef cattle and other meat animals. The product also increases milk production, improves butterfat and protein content and reduces somatic cell counts when fed to dairy cows. A withdrawal period is not required after feeding Biobase Rumen.

What ingredients are in Biobase Rumen?

All of the ingredients in Biobase Rumen are natural, and the product is completely non-toxic when used as recommended. The product contains amino acids, enzymes, peptides and other biological compounds from liquid Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Proprionibacterium Freudenreichii fermentation products, and these ingredients represent at least 52.0% of the product composition. Biobase Rumen also contains trace amounts of four elements that are important for digestive functions:

  • 70% iron
  • 25% copper
  • 22% zinc
  • 12% manganese

Biobase Rumen does not contain any live bacteria or other microorganism cultures, and it is not classified as a drug. So, a withdrawal period is not required.

How do I feed Biobase Rumen?

In most applications, Biobase Rumen is diluted with enough water to allow for thorough mixing with feed or roughages. The most common methods are:

  • Pretreated feed mix – spray or sprinkle diluted Biobase Rumen on the grain or protein when the feed is ground or mixed in bulk. For best results, do not store treated feed for more than a few weeks after mixing.
  • Pretreated pellets – Biobase Rumen may be sprayed or sprinkled on feed pellets. To avoid high temperatures that may degrade the product performance, always apply the diluted Biobase Rumen after the pellets are formed.
  • Top-dressing – diluted Biobase Rumen may be sprayed or sprinkled on feed or roughage in the feed bunk.
  • Drinking water – the product may be mixed or injected into drinking water supplies. For best results, the water system should have an agitator to make sure that the product does not settle and is uniformly available to all animals.
  • Drench – temporary high dosages may be fed to pens of animals that were recently transported or to individual animals that are sick or under stress. In these cases, the required amount of Biobase Rumen may be mixed with a small amount of water or other liquid and applied as a drench in the mouth.

What rate of Biobase Rumen should I use?

The recommended application rate for Biobase Rumen depends on the species, weight and condition of the ruminant animals. The daily application rates for Biobase Rumen are provided at this link.

How much does Biobase Rumen cost to feed?

Biobase Rumen costs 2.4 cents ($0.024) per cc at the regular retail price for a single gallon. For ruminant animals that weigh 400 pounds or more, we can use the 3 cc per head per day application rate to compute the per-head feeding costs:

  • $0.072 per head per day
  • $2.16 per head per month
  • $25.92 per head per year

Please note that these costs will be lower if purchased in case lots or in 30 gallon drums. Even at the single-gallon price, only a modest increase in daily rate of gain or daily milk output is needed to recover the product cost. For example, an increase in daily milk production of just 0.5 pounds per head per day more than covers the investment.

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