Why is Early Root Growth Important?

We have seen the importance of generating a good plant root system since we started testing enzyme products for crop production. Although the seed companies and other input suppliers are now talking more about the role of root system size and health, this relationship between roots and yields has not always received the attention or appreciation it deserves.

To be specific, the quality and quantity of crop products is directly related to the size and health of the plant root system because the roots take up water and other soil nutrients to feed the plant. Plants with larger root systems are better able to support vigorous crop growth and generate yields nearer to the genetic potential of the plant. Chandler Dry Seed Treat increases the number of hair-like feeder roots that carry these nutrients into the plant.

Of course, the soil nutrients must be in a form that can be used by the plant and must be available in ample quantities, and the benefits of Chandler Dry Seed Treat are further enhanced when the product is used along with Chandler Soil and Biocat 1000.

Keeping the Nutrients Flowing

A large, healthy root system is also better able to take up the right kinds of nutrients for the plant. We can also see the impact of Chandler Dry Seed Treat on nutrient uptake by splitting corn stalks lengthways (from the roots to the top of the plant).

At each joint, the corn plant has a filter that acts just like a fuel filter. The plant filters become darker in color as more impurities are removed from the absorbed nutrients. If these filters become plugged, the nutrient flow slows and may eventually stop (just as a plugged fuel filter may shut down an engine), which hampers crop growth and yield production.

Chandler Dry Seed Treat users often find that the filters in treated corn plants appear to be white or very lightly colored, which means that the filters are clear and open. Chandler Dry Seed Treat helps promote high crop yields throughout the season by keeping the nutrients flowing into the plant.

For More Information

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