What are the benefits of a foliar feeding program?

Unlike humans, plants do not have a central nervous system and rely on hormones and other compounds to control growth and other plant functions. The biostimulants in Chandler Foliar are designed to enhance the actions of these natural compounds in order to generate more vigorous plant growth from the available nutrients and other soil resources. As illustrated in the figure below, the activity generated by these plant growth functions (green line) and nutrient uptake functions (brown line) take place at different times.

Chandler Crop Products are designed to work together in order to support plant growth activities from planting to harvest. During the early part of the growing season, Chandler Dry Seed Treat helps generate high levels of root and plant growth and nutrient uptake that lead to vigorous and healthy seedlings. Chandler Foliar is designed to build on these early benefits by promoting nutrient uptake during the peak stages of plant growth that occur well after the initial stages of seedling emergence and growth. Finally, Chandler Soil and Biocat 1000 make water and other soil nutrients available throughout the entire season.

Due to the differences in growth stages across plant types, the timing and application rates for Chandler Foliar vary by crop, and the timing of the Chandler Foliar application is very important for success. If the product is applied too early or too late in the growing season, the biostimulants in Chandler Foliar will not have a chance to assist the plant functions during the critical stages of growth. Accordingly, follow the recommended application rate and timing guidelines for specific crops in order to achieve the greatest benefit from Chandler Foliar.

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