What is the application rate for Biocat 1000?

The recommended application rate for Chandler Biocat 1000 depends on the type and amount of crop residue. The table below provides recommended application rates for various crops are stated, with the range of per-acre costs are rounded to the nearest $0.25 (based on purchases of gallon jugs at our regular retail price). These costs will be lower with larger volume purchases (2.5 gallon jugs or 30 gallon drums) or early-season discount program orders in the fall (September and October) or winter (December through March).

Crop Application Rate Cost per Acre
Corn (up to 150 BPA) 10 ounces per acre $7.00 per acre
Corn (150 to 180 BPA) 12 ounces per acre $8.50 per acre
Corn (180 to 200 BPA) 14 ounces per acre $9.75 per acre
Corn (over 200 BPA) 16 ounces per acre $11.25 per acre
Soybeans, oats, wheat, other cereal grains, alfalfa and other hay, grasses, and pasture 8-10 ounces per acre $5.50 to $7.00 per acre
Composting 15-20 ounces per 100 cubic feet of compost material $10.50 to $14.00

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