For nearly 40 years, we’ve been putting the power behind true productivity for farmers. Field tested and farm proven, Midwest Bio-Tech products deliver the undeniable boost producers need to keep their competitive edge in today’s global ag environment. Biological products like Chandler Soil, Biocat 1000, Foliar, Organic, and Dry Seed Treat can release nutrients from the soil and plant residue and help the next crop to efficiently convert these nutrients into high quality grain and forage. Natural solutions that yield results.

Tapping into a 7 BPA yield increase on corn?

Boost your bottom line biologically.

Chandler Dry Seed Treat

  • Costs about $1.00 per acre on corn
  • 1-2 days faster emergence with up to 40% higher plant sugar levels
  • Higher germination rate for reduced seed costs
  • Deeper root systems for less lodging and increased nutrient and water uptake
Dry Seed Treat for Corn