Improves Soil Fertility & Structure

Chandler Soil is a liquid biological soil conditioner that is applied directly to the soil. It helps reestablish the natural balance in the soil by producing an improved medium for plant growth. Chandler Soil stimulates the growth and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, especially the nitrogen-fixing bacteria that increase the amount of available nitrogen and other nutrients to the plants.

As the soil bacteria increase, more nutrients are converted and made available for the next crop. Also, a soil that has biological activity and life will be flocculent, or porous. A flocculent soil lets water penetrate where it falls, which eliminates most runoff and standing water problems. Plant roots will penetrate deeper into the soil so they can pull moisture and nutrients from greater depths and utilize more of the soil.

What is the application rate for Chandler Soil?

Mix Chandler Soil at a rate of 1.5 ounces (3 tablespoons) per gallon of water. For broadcast spraying, this mixture will cover approximately 2,000 square feet. Spray the product directly on the soil, and it may be incorporated lightly with a rake or other garden tool. Also, Chandler Soil may be applied in bands over the seed row prior to emergence.

How do I apply Chandler Soil to my lawn?

Spray when the grass is short so the product gets to the soil. Use 1.5 ounces of Chandler Soil per gallon of water to cover a 2,000 square feet area.

Can I use Chandler Soil on houseplants?

Yes, mix 1 bottle cap of Chandler Soil per quart or 1.5 ounces per gallon of water, and spray on plants once every eight weeks. Chandler Soil may be mixed with most fertilizers and other sprays that have been pre-mixed with water.

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