Seed Coating & Transplant Dip

Seed Treat is a biological seed treatment that is applied directly on the seed at planting time. The product is a dry talc-like powder, and a mere film on the seed is all that is necessary.

Seed Treat enhances seed germination with more uniform emergence, thicker stands and hardier and more vigorous seedlings that resist stress such as frost, drought, transplanting and excess water. It also provides nutrients that are readily utilized by seedlings until they can start feeding from the soil. The plants develop a deeper and more extensive root system, especially the hair-like feeder roots. By encouraging more nutrient uptake into the plant over the entire growing season, Seed Treat increases the amount and quality of produce with more nutrient and food value.

How much Seed Treat should I apply?

The mere presence or film on the seed is all that is needed. Put a pinch of product in a packet of seed and shake. For larger amounts of seeds such as potatoes and sweet corn, place the seed in a paper bag with some Seed Treat and shake until all seeds are coated. The excess Seed Treat may be used on the next batch of seed. Seed Treat may be mixed with the seed in the seed hopper of mechanical planting equipment.

How do I use Seed Treat as a root dip?

Mix 1 tablespoon of Seed Treat per quart of water, and allow the plant roots to soak for 5-10 minutes prior to planting (or longer if needed).

Can Seed Treat be used on houseplants?

Yes, Seed Treat is ideal for starting seeds or repotting live plants.

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