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Chandler Residue Digester is a liquid biological product designed to be sprayed on post-harvest residue. It stimulates the growth of soil microorganisms that break down organic plant residue compounds such as cellulose, lignin, sugars, starches and proteins. This natural process of organic decay returns the nutrients back to the soil in forms that plants can use.

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    Residue Digester 8 oz.

    Residue Digester 8 oz.

    Reduce thatch and decompose garden residue

    Chandler Residue Digester may be applied to lawns or gardens with home spraying equipment...

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What is the application rate for Chandler Residue Digester?

Mix 2 ounces (4 tablespoons) per gallon of water. This mixture will cover approximately 2,000 square feet when sprayed in broadcast fashion.

How do I use Chandler Residue Digester to break down garden residue?

Apply in the fall as soon as the garden is finished producing. Earlier applications will be more effective. Apply at the 2 ounce per gallon rate and then wait two to three days before tilling the soil. Although light tillage enhances the product performance, tillage is not required for the product to work.

Can I use Chandler Residue Digester on my lawn?

Yes, mix Residue Digester at the 2 ounce per gallon rate, and spray any time you see a build-up of thatch or grass clippings.

Can Chandler Residue Digester be used for composting?

Yes, mix at the above rate for each 10 cubic feet of compost material. Apply on a regular basis as needed.

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