Liquid Plant Food

Chandler Foliar is a liquid micronutrient plant food that is formulated to be readily available to the plant. Foliar is sprayed directly on the plant and enhances the availability and uptake of nutrients into the plant. Regular use as a part of a normal plant feeding program will improve plant growth and nutrition. Plants treated with Foliar have increased stress tolerance, recover faster from nutrient deficiencies, and have improved vigor and yield.

Can I use Chandler Foliar on conifers, evergreens and shrubs?

Yes, Chandler Foliar helps stimulate the growth rate of all evergreen type trees and shrubs. The product promotes deeper root systems and increases stem development. It helps trees and shrubs overcome browning due to wind, extreme temperatures, animals and other stresses. Foliar encourages a new flush of growth in the spring and can eliminate the need to replace trees or shrubs due to winter kill.

Mix 2 ounces (4 tablespoons) with 1 gallon of water and spray a mist on trees and shrubs 30 days after the spring thaw and just prior to the hard frost in the fall. Foliar may be applied every 30 days during warm weather if the trees and shrubs experience stress.

How do I use Chandler Foliar on ornamental trees, shrubs and lawns?

Spray in the spring and again in late summer before the plants enter the winter dormancy phase. Foliar may be sprayed more often if needed. Use 2 ounces per gallon of water.

Can I use Chandler Foliar on vegetables and flowers?

Foliar helps plants develop their genetic potential without shutting down prematurely due to stress. Flowers will develop larger blooms and bloom longer with less stress. Vegetables produce more quantity and higher quality. Foliar users have observed that tomato plants that are sprayed at the first sign of fruit set will produce 30% more tomatoes over the rest of the season compared to untreated plants in the same garden.

For vegetables, spray Foliar just before the first sign of fruit set, or a little earlier if possible. Use the two ounce per gallon rate.

For houseplants and flowers, mix 1 bottle cap per quart of water or 2 ounces (4 tablespoons) per gallon and spray the product as a mist on the foliage. Foliar may be applied every 30 days during the growing season, especially if the plants show stress. Chandler Foliar may be mixed with most fertilizers and insecticides such as Sevin that have been pre-diluted in water and applied at the same time.

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