Chandler Products for Lawn, Garden & Home Uses

Chandler Lawn, Garden and Home Products are a family of specially formulated enzyme products. Each product is designed for a particular purpose, offering benefits including:

  • Increased seedling emergence and greater seedling vigor
  • Improved plant health and greater resistance to pests, disease, predators and stress
  • Increased yield
  • Improved quality of flowers and produce
  • And more

The Chandler line of products for lawn, garden and home includes:

What are enzymes?

Enzymes cause chemical reactions to take place but are not directly involved in the reaction. The enzymes are not altered by the reaction and do not become part of the new compounds formed by the reaction. For these reasons, we only require that enzymes are present to generate the reaction and only small quantities of the enzymes are needed.

How can enzymes help my lawn or garden?

Almost all of the commercial plant foods, fertilizers, and other additives that we use on lawns, gardens, and houseplants are not directly available to the plants and must be converted to an organic form before the plant can use it. Soil bacteria and other microorganisms help to convert these nutrients, and the enzymes stimulate this biological activity.

For More Information

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