A biological boost for livestock operations

Progressive livestock operations rely on Chandler livestock products to increase efficiency in animal feeding, rate of gain and waste disposal. Products including Biobase Rumen and Biocat 3000 offer many benefits, including:

  • Increased rate of gain
  • Shorter times on feed
  • Higher dressing percentages
  • Less excess fat
  • Improved carcass quality scores
  • Better solid waste breakdown
  • Increased beneficial microbe production non-toxically

What are the features of the individual products?

Chandler Biobase Rumen: An enzyme feed additive that enhances the digestion of feed and improves the absorption of nutrients, which increases daily rate of gain and feeding efficiency in beef cattle and other meat animals.

Chandler Biocat 3000: A non-toxic liquid enzyme treatment for manure pits and lagoons, designed to multiply the beneficial microbes that decompose residual solids in manure and other animal waste materials.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes cause chemical reactions to take place but are not directly involved in the reaction. The enzymes are not altered by the reaction and do not become part of the new compounds formed by the reaction. For these reasons, we only require that enzymes are present to generate the reaction and only small quantities of the enzymes are needed.

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