Liquid biological soil conditioner designed to improve soil fertility and tilth

Boost the bottom line biologically with Chandler Soil. It promotes deeper root penetration and removes about 6 inches of compaction per year. Fields see more available applied fertilizers and soil nutrients, better drainage and less surface erosion. Soils warm faster and are easier to till.


Farming 5 Feet Deep?

Boost your bottom line biologically.

Chandler Soil Treatment

  • Deeper root penetration
  • Remove about 6 inches of compaction per year
  • More available applied fertilizers and soil nutrients
  • Better drainage and less surface erosion
  • Warmer, easier-to-till soils

How does Chandler Soil work?

Chandler Soil is a liquid biological soil conditioner that is formulated to improve soil fertility and tilth, reduce compaction and improve crop yields. The product contains micronutrients, enzymes and other natural organic compounds that support the growth and metabolism of these microbes.

Nitrogen is abundant in our atmosphere as a gas, but most plants cannot use it in this form and depend on nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria to convert it to a usable form. In fact, all nutrients applied to the soil for crop production (fertilizer, manure, lime, etc.) have to be converted to a form usable by the plant. As the level of soil bacterial activity increases, more of these applied nutrients are converted and made available for the next crop. The conversion process helps to create a natural balance of nutrients in the soil.

Biologically active soil will also be more flocculent or porous so there will be more air spaces among the soil aggregates. The risk of compaction is reduced in biologically active soils. Also, a flocculent soil will allow more rainfall to penetrate where it falls, which reduces standing water problems and erosion from runoff. Plant roots will be able to penetrate deeper into the soil so they can pull moisture and nutrients from greater depths. Thus, the increased bacterial activity [LINK] lets producers farm more of their soil.

What ingredients are in Chandler Soil?

Chandler Soil contains trace amounts of several micronutrients as well as enzymes and other natural organic compounds. These ingredients are designed to support the growth and metabolism of beneficial microbe colonies that build soil structure and fertility and increase organic matter content. The nutrients are chelated with citric acid and partially hydrolyzed vegetable protein to increase bonding of the minerals, prevent nutrient tie-up and improve nutrient availability. The minimum guaranteed analysis of these ingredients is:

  • 1% sulfur
  • 0.5% water soluble magnesium
  • 0.1% iron
  • 0.1% copper
  • 0.05% manganese
  • 0.05% zinc
  • 0.02% boron
  • 0.0005% molybdenum

Please note that these trace elements are included to support the biological life in the soil and are not intended as a direct source of nutrients for plants.

How do I apply Chandler Soil?

Chandler Soil may be applied directly on the soil with conventional spraying equipment, or it may be placed in or near the seed row with liquid starter fertilizers at planting time or when crops are side-dressed. Fields may be tilled after application, but this not required, so the product may be used on hay fields, pastures and no-till cropland. Chandler Soil is non-toxic when used as recommended and may be applied in a tank mix with most liquid fertilizers or pesticides for a one-pass application.

The recommended application rate for Chandler Soil depends on the soil condition, frequency of use, and method of application. Apply Chandler Soil with enough water to get adequate coverage of the soil surface, and we generally recommend 10 to 20 gallons per acre. It may also be used with newer spray equipment that is designed to operate at lower flow rates. Test all new tank-mix combinations, and dilute all other products in water before adding Chandler Soil to the sprayer tank. (Application rate varies by crop.)


What results can I expect from Chandler Soil?

The photo below was taken in a corn field owned by one of our early customers who farmed in eastern Iowa. Before using Chandler Soil, his field had heavy compaction in the top 18 to 20 inches of soil, and the corn roots could not penetrate deeper than a few inches. After using the product for four years, he noticed that tillage operations were easier and the soil was better drained. To examine the changes in the soil, we dug this soil profile and traced the growing corn roots down over five feet. There was no evidence of soil compaction at any point in this soil profile.

For More Information

For more information on Chandler Soil, see the product brochure, call (309) 659-7773 or e-mail