Boost your bottom line organically

Reduce soil compaction, enhance photosynthesis – and in turn enhance yields – with Chandler Organic. With the flexibility to apply as a soil treatment or foliar spray on organic crops, Chandler Organic contains all of the same biological components as Chandler Foliar and Chandler Soil, and it is manufactured with an organic mixing agent in place of the urea.


  • Chandler Organic 1 Gallon Jug

    Chandler Organic 1 Gallon Jug

    Boost your bottom line organically

    Chandler Organic may be applied in place of Chandler Soil at the 8-16 ounce per-acre...

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  • Chandler Organic 2.5 Gallon Jug

    Chandler Organic 2.5 Gallon Jug

    Boost your bottom line organically

    Chandler Organic may be applied in place of Chandler Soil at the 8-16 ounce per-acre...

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  • Chandler Organic 30 Gallon Drum

    Chandler Organic 30 Gallon Drum

    Boost your bottom line organically

    Chandler Organic may be applied in place of Chandler Soil at the 8-16 ounce per-acre...

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What benefits can Chandler Organic products provide?

  • Eliminate most insecticides by increasing plant sugar levels
  • Reduce herbicide application rates with equal or better performance
  • Reduce soil compaction by several inches for each year of use
  • Deeper root penetration improves access to soil nutrients and moisture and reduces lodging
  • Reduce water run-off and erosion problems by improving water penetration into the soil
  • And more

How does Chandler Organic work?

As a soil treatment, supports the growth and metabolism of soil microbes. It is formulated to improve soil fertility and tilth, reduce compaction and improve crop yields.

Nitrogen is abundant in our atmosphere as a gas, but most plants cannot use it in this form and depend on nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria to convert it to a usable form. In fact, all nutrients applied to the soil for crop production (fertilizer, manure, lime, etc.) have to be converted to a form usable by the plant. As the level of soil bacterial activity increases, more of these applied nutrients are converted and made available for the next crop. The conversion process helps to create a natural balance of nutrients in the soil.

Biologically active soil will also be more flocculent or porous so there will be more air spaces among the soil aggregates. The risk of compaction is reduced in biologically active soils. Also, a flocculent soil will allow more rainfall to penetrate where it falls, which reduces standing water problems and erosion from runoff. Plant roots will be able to penetrate deeper into the soil so they can pull moisture and nutrients from greater depths. Thus, the increased bacterial activity lets producers farm more of their soil.

As a foliar spray, Chandler Organic promotes efficient plant growth by increasing the building blocks of the photosynthesis process. The product includes a surfactant, so the nutrients in Chandler Foliar and other foliar fertilizers are more readily absorbed.

Also, treated plants can draw more water and nutrients from the soil in order to generate more plant sugar, deter insects and diseases and build higher crop yields. By improving plant vigor and health, Chandler Foliar helps plants survive drought and extreme weather and to recover quickly from sources of stress such as chemical applications, cutting or pruning, or grazing.

What ingredients are in Chandler Organic?

Chandler Organic contains micronutrients, enzymes and other natural organic compounds that support the growth and metabolism of soil microbes and efficient plant growth. The nutrients are chelated with citric acid and partially hydrolyzed vegetable protein to increase bonding of the minerals, prevent nutrient tie-up and improve nutrient availability.

These ingredients include:

  • 7 percent nitrogen
  • Chelated copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc
  • Sulfur, boron and molybdenum
  • Natural surfactants
  • Humic and ammonic acids
  • Enzymes, amino acids and B-complex vitamins

Please note that these trace elements are included to support the biological life in the soil and are not intended as a direct source of nutrients for plants. Rather, the product increases the ability of the plants to absorb and use nutrient from foliar fertilizers and soil sources.

What is the application rate for Chandler Organic?

As a soil treatment, Chandler Organic is used at the same rates as Chandler Soil, and we recommend 8 ounces per acre in the row or 12 to 16 ounces per acre when broadcast. For foliar applications, Chandler Organic is used at the same rates you would normally use for Chandler Foliar (about 10 ounces per acre). We also use the same product handling and mixing instructions for Chandler Organic that we recommend for the other liquid products.

How does the cost for Chandler Organic compare to other Chandler Crop Products?

Due to this substitution of an organic mixing agent in place of the urea in Chandler Soil and Chandler Foliar, the price for Chandler Organic is a bit higher than the Chandler Soil price but a bit lower than Chandler Foliar price.

Does Chandler Organic hold any organic certifications or registrations?

The product is registered under organic certifying programs. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

For more information on Chandler Organic, call (309) 659-7773 or e-mail