Enzymes and biostimulants to enhance photosynthesis

Increase yields by up to $8* by using Chandler Foliar regularly along with a normal fertilizer program and sound cultural practices. Chandler Foliar improves plant growth by stimulating nutrient and water uptake through the leaves and roots to support plant photosynthesis. That translates to more efficient use of applied fertilizers and soil nutrients. Plants have higher sugar content to build yields and deter insects. And, they’re better able to tolerate stress due to extreme temperatures, drought, or diseases such as blight or Goss’s wilt.


  • Chandler Foliar 1 Gallon Jug

    Chandler Foliar 1 Gallon Jug

    Enzymes and biostimulants to enhance plant growth and photosynthesis

    Chandler Foliar is typically applied to most crops soon after emergence...

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  • Chandler Foliar 2.5 Gallon Jug

    Chandler Foliar 2.5 Gallon Jug

    Enzymes and biostimulants to enhance plant growth and photosynthesis

    Chandler Foliar is typically applied to most crops soon after emergence...

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  • Chandler Foliar 30 Gallon Drum

    Chandler Foliar 30 Gallon Drum

    Enzymes and biostimulants to enhance plant growth and photosynthesis

    Chandler Foliar is typically applied to most crops soon after emergence...

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Leaving an 8%* yield
increase on the table?

Boost your bottom line biologically.

Chandler Foliar

  • Increased late-season plant growth and kernel fill
  • More efficient use of applied fertilizers and soil nutrients
  • Higher plant sugar content to build yields and deter insects
  • Better drought resistance

Percentage Increase in Crop Yields from On-Farm Test Plots

Crop Average Range
Corn 8% 4-12%
Soybeans 15% 2-52%
Wheat 17% 4-35%
Alfalfa 16% 5-31%

Some users apply Chandler Foliar to soybeans when they spray their post-emergence pesticides. Two users recently conducted side-by-side field trials in which part of the fields sprayed with herbicides were also treated with Chandler Foliar. In the first trial conducted in North Central Illinois, the beans treated with Chandler Foliar yielded 69.34 bushels per acre, and the untreated soybeans yielded 56.67 bushels per acre (22.4% increase). In the second trial conducted in Central Illinois, the treated beans yielded 72 bushels per acre and the untreated beans yielded 66 bushels per acre (9.1% increase).

A user in North Central Illinois made two post-emergence herbicide applications on soybeans. For part of the field, he included Chandler Foliar in the tank mix on both trips. The beans treated with Chandler Foliar averaged 77 bushels per acre, and the untreated bean yield was 60 bushels per acre (28.3% increase).

University field trials show that Chandler Foliar increased soybean yields by 14.4%, alfalfa yields by 22% to 30.6%, and rye grass yields by 35.2% to 101.9% over the untreated plots.

How does Chandler Foliar work?

Chandler Foliar is a non-toxic liquid spray that contains enzymes, biostimulants and chelated micronutrients. It promotes efficient plant growth by increasing the building blocks of the photosynthesis process. The product includes a surfactant, so the nutrients in Chandler Foliar and other foliar fertilizers are more readily absorbed.

Also, treated plants can draw more water and nutrients from the soil in order to generate more plant sugar, deter insects and diseases and build higher crop yields. By improving plant vigor and health, Chandler Foliar helps plants survive drought and extreme weather and to recover quickly from sources of stress such as chemical applications, cutting or pruning, or grazing.

Chandler Foliar is non-toxic when used as recommended and may be applied in a tank-mix with foliar fertilizers, fungicides, or pesticides for a one-pass application.

What ingredients are in Chandler Foliar?

Chandler Foliar includes a wide range of nutrients and organic compounds in a solution. Although the product contains 7% nitrogen, it is not designed to serve as a stand-alone foliar fertilizer. Rather, the product increases the ability of the plants to absorb and use nutrient from foliar fertilizers and soil sources.

Chandler Foliar does contain trace amounts of those micronutrients required to enhance plant metabolism and support other essential growth and reproductive functions. The nutrients are chelated with citric acid and partially hydrolyzed vegetable protein in order to increase bonding of the minerals, prevent nutrient tie-up, and improve nutrient availability to the plant. These ingredients include:

  • 7 percent nitrogen
  • Chelated copper, iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc
  • Sulfur, boron and molybdenum
  • Natural surfactants
  • Humic and ammonic acids
  • Enzymes, amino acids and B-complex vitamins

How do I apply Chandler Foliar?

Chandler Foliar maybe applied to plant foliage with conventional ground or aerial spray equipment and is non-phytotoxic when used as directed. Chandler Foliar may be applied by itself or in a tank mix with other products, and the product is compatible with most commonly used liquid fertilizers and pesticides. We recommend testing all new tank mix combinations or compatibility before application. Dilute one part Chandler Foliar with three to five parts water prior to mixing. Apply Chandler Foliar with enough water (10 to 20 gallons per acre) to provide good coverage of the plant foliage. The product may also be applied with newer spraying equipment that uses lower water flow rates. (Application rate varies by crop.)

What results can I expect from Chandler Foliar?

One of our first tests of the foliar product was after the extremely cold winter of 1978-79. We planted six blue spruce trees in our lawn during the fall of 1978, and the following winter nearly killed all six trees. Our landscaper wanted to replace the trees, but we treated them in order to test the product. By spring 1981, the trees had fully recovered. All six trees are still in our lawn, and each one is now over 30 feet tall.

Spring 1979
Spring 1981

How much does Chandler Foliar cost?

The investment per acre treated with Chandler Foliar varies by the type of crop and depends on the recommended application rate. At the full retail price per gallon, the per-acre cost of Chandler Foliar is:

Per-Acre Application Rates and Investment

  • 6 ounces per acre $6.00 per acre
  • 8 ounces per acre $8.75 per acre
  • 10 ounces per acre $11.00 per acre

The per-acre cost is lower for product purchased during our Fall (September to October) and Pre-Season (December to March) Discount Programs. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

For More Information

For more information on Chandler Foliar, see the product brochure, call (309) 659-7773 or e-mail info@midwestbioman.com.