Boost your bottom line biologically

For Midwest crop farms, Chandler crop products provide the opportunity to impact yields and plant health using naturally occurring enzymes and plant compounds. Products include Biocat 1000, Dry Seed Treat, Soil and Foliar. These products may be used for corn, soybeans, wheat and other small grains, fruits and vegetables, alfalfa and other forages and many other types of crops.

What benefits can Chandler crop products provide?

  • Reduce seed costs by averaging at least 2,000 more corn plants per acre at harvest
  • Eliminate most insecticides by increasing plant sugar levels
  • Reduce herbicide application rates by 25- 50% with equal or better performance
  • Plant conventional hybrids and earn non-GMO premiums
  • Reduce soil compaction by 5 to 6 inches for each year of use
  • Deeper root penetration improves access to soil nutrients and moisture and reduces lodging
  • Reduce water run-off and erosion problems by improving water penetration into the soil
  • Produce more grain with faster dry-down and higher test weights
  • Increase the availability of soil nutrients from applied fertilizers, manure, and crop residue
  • And more

Do I have to use all of the Chandler crop products?

No, you can use any of the products by itself or in combination with some or all of the other products. Unlike some other companies, we are not selling a system or package that requires big adjustments in the way a farm operates. Over the years, one of our main goals has been to help fit the products into the individual farming operation.

The individual products are designed to enhance different functions of the soil and the plant. For example, many of our long-time users started by applying Soil (which enhances soil microbial activity) and then using Dry Seed Treat (which enhances seed germination) and Biocat 1000 (which enhances residue decay) later in the same season or during the next cropping year. Given that soil microbes also affect residue decay and seed germination, the performance of Dry Seed Treat and Biocat 1000 are further enhanced by the initial results achieved by Soil.

What is the per-acre investment if I use those three products?

Many of our users apply Chandler Soil and Biocat 1000 at the pint (16 ounce) per acre rate in order to get the most effective results, and the per-acre cost of Dry Seed Treat depends on the seeding rate. In most applications, the total investment for all three Chandler Crop Products is less than $20 per acre when the liquid products are purchased in 30 gallon drums under our seasonal discount programs. The per-acre cost will be slightly higher if you purchase the product in smaller package sizes or at the regular retail prices.

What are the features of the individual products?

Chandler Soil: A liquid biological soil conditioner that contains micronutrients, enzymes and other natural organic compounds that support the growth and metabolism of soil microbes. It is formulated to improve soil fertility and tilth, reduce compaction and improve crop yields.

Chandler Seed Treat: A dry or liquid enzyme seed treatment applied directly to the seed at planting. It contains micronutrients and naturally occurring enzymes, proteins, and amino acids that are designed to enhance germination, root development, and nutrient uptake to promote higher crop yields.

Chandler Biocat 1000: A liquid enzyme product applied directly on crop residue after harvest. It contains micronutrients and naturally occurring enzymes, proteins and amino acids that help to accelerate the residue decay process and release nutrients for use by the next crop.

Chandler Foliar: A non-toxic liquid spray that contains enzymes, biostimulants and chelated micronutrients. It promotes efficient plant growth by increasing the building blocks of the photosynthesis process.

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