For nearly 40 years, Midwest Bio-Tech has been helping farmers boost their bottom lines biologically. We believe in the Chandler products because we’ve tested them extensively on farms across the United States.

What did you conclude?

We learned two main lessons from the combined results of these tests that have proven to be true over the years.

First, we still need adequate fertilizer to raise corn and other crops, but the recommended application rates provided by many fertilizer dealers and soil testing labs are typically too high. We don’t always need more fertilizer to produce higher yields, and there is some moderate level of fertilizer application rate that achieves a more profitable outcome. Many of these folks are now backing down from the high recommended rates due to high fertilizer prices and concerns about the environment, but this is something that we have known and have actively promoted to our users for years.

Second, we learned that biological products like Chandler Soil, Biocat 1000, Foliar and Dry Seed Treat can release nutrients from the soil and plant residue and help the next crop to efficiently convert these nutrients into high quality grain and forage. However, like we saw in the replicated fertilizer plots, most of the gains from the biological products are realized after two or more years of continuous use. For example, many of the farmers who have used the Chandler Crop Products for at least two to three years in a row have been able to reduce their crop input costs by 40 to 50% from the levels they had paid before using these products.

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