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Untreated and treated corn stalks
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Chandler Biocat 1000

A liquid enzyme product applied directly on crop residue after harvest. Biocat 1000 accelerates the decomposition of crop residue by stimulating the growth of the beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other organisms that break down organic compounds in the soil. Biocat 1000 initially works to decay the cellulose on the inside of corn stalks and other plant residue. The outer shell of the plant residue is left as soil cover to reduce wind and water erosion. Later, Biocat 1000 enhances decomposition of the lignin in the outer shell of the stalk, and the remaining crop residue is easily handled by planting or tillage equipment. Biocat 1000 also releases nutrients in the residue for use by the next crop and helps to build humus and organic matter in the soil. Biocat 1000 is non-toxic when used as recommended and may be applied in a tank-mix with liquid fertilizers or pesticides for a one-pass application.
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