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Treated corn stalks in no-till beans
Treated corn ear

Spring Applications of Chandler Biocat 1000 & Soil

In early May 2016, we applied Biocat 1000 and Chandler Soil at the 16 ounce rate to corn stalks in replicated plots, and the remaining control plots were left untreated. The corn stalks were left untouched over winter and were only processed with an Aerway tillage tool prior to treatment. By early September, the soil tests taken from the treated and control plots showed that the soil health index was 50% higher in the treated plots, and the available nitrogen and soluble carbon were over 300% higher in the treated plots. Also, the plots were harvested in early November, and the treated plots produced 5 bushels per acre more corn than the control plots. Please refer to the December 2016 newsletter for more details.
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