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Roots in treated soil grow deeper
Replay our February 2015 webinar with No-Till Farmer on soil health
Chandler Soil is a liquid biological soil conditioner that is formulated to improve soil fertility and tilth, reduce compaction, and improve crop yields. The product contains micronutrients, enzymes, and other natural organic compounds that support the growth and metabolism of these microbes. Chandler Soil may be may be applied directly on the soil with conventional spraying equipment, or it may be placed in or near the seed row with liquid starter fertilizers at planting time or when crops are side-dressed. Fields may be tilled after application but this not required, so the product may be used on hay fields, pastures, and no-till cropland. Chandler Soil is non-toxic when used as recommended and may be applied in a tank-mix with most liquid fertilizers or pesticides for a one-pass application.
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